2020 marks 25 years of “X-Squizit” being a Turntablist/DJ

Back in 1995, I was a 12 year old kid who was inspired by many turntablist such as Q-Bert, Aladdin, Roc Raida & Mixmaster Mike (just to name a few) and fell in love with the world of turntablism. I first started mixing with 2 boomboxes (one on top of the other) and will use the pause buttons to either speed up or stop the tracks 😂. I will also practice on my DJ buddies equipment from time to time. One of them had 1200s (turntables) and a big 4 channel Gemini mixer with built in sound effects. I use to think that was the baddest top set in the world 😂

1997 – I started buying vinyl. My big brother had bought a pair of Technics (not 1200s) and a two channel MTX mixer for us to practice on (he was into DJing as well). Spent hours each day practicing on my mixing and scratching. On this year, I also spun at my first gig. It was a fun backyard boogie. A few more years went by and I was doing free gigs, family gatherings & kickbacks.

1999 – I bought my first pair of Technics 1200’s (turntables) with a 4 channel MTX Mixer. It was the happiest day of my life. 🙌

2001 – I won my first DJ Battle on vinyl. No Serato, no laptop. Another one of my happiest moments in life. I was only 17 years old. 😊

2002 – 2012 Competed in numerous DJ battles. Placing 1st place in most, 2nd place in a few and 3rd place in one. In 2002, I started producing music (making beats 😁). In 2008, I started video mixing and making my own video edits as well… Spun at numerous night clubs, a few local radio stations and big events as well.
2013 – Retired from DJ battles. Why? Technology was taking over the turntablism world and it just wasn’t as fun and interesting as before.

2014 – 2019 With ups and downs going on in my life throughout these years, l still manage to spin at many private events, produce/remix music & videos on my spare time and stay up to date with the latest DJ gear & lighting 😁

2020 – I want to focus more on my producing and scratching video routines to post online for everyone to see 😊